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Learn All About Builder Bee Projects,LLC

Quality Comes First

Builder Bee Projects,LLC only works with the best materials. Our staff members produce consistent results and offer reliable work ethics on every project they work on. Everything we work on is built on a strong foundation, which means it’s built to last. Image provided on our website is designed by Builder Bee Projects, LLC. Pride is taken in each home renovation. Most of our designs start from a napkin, makes its way to paper, and finalizing on a digital blue print. Creating your perfect Dream Home.

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About Our Home Renovations

If you're in need of some home improvement projects for your home or commercial space, consider working with Builder Bee Projects,LLC. For each of our services we have experienced professionals that will handle your project with detail and care. Let us know what you want, we’ll do our best to make it happen. 

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Products We Provide

What sets Builder Bee Projects,LLC apart is our team making sure that all the work we deliver is absolutely flawless. Whether you need a small touch up or you’re thinking of a bigger project, let us know what you need and we’ll help you out. If you’re interested in seeing some examples of our previous work, we’ve included a few of our finished projects for your convenience. This is a great way for our clients to learn more about our style, such as the materials and equipment we work with. If you like what you see, give us a call so we can start planning your next project.

Kitchen & Dining Spaces

Choose whether you want to use real or synthetic materials, and select the color that best suits the rest of your space. With so many designs to choose from, our clients are often overwhelmed by choice. Fortunately, our dedicated team members are experts at guiding clients from inspiration to decision-making. Hire us and we’ll be building yours in no time.

Family Rooms & Office Spaces

In every home there is a room that as a family everyone gathers. Family rooms should be fun and functional for everyone .If you are having trouble and not sure how to make a space work for your family, let Builder Bee Projects, LLC help you with that design!
Office spaces at home isn't always ideal, because who wants to bring their work home? With Builder Bee Projects, LLC we can help you make your office space fun!

Porches & Decks

Every home deserves an outdoor getaway. With Builder Bee Projects, LLC ur backyard will be the talk of the neighborhood. Let us help you design your perfect oasis.

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Contact Us

Thinking about giving your home or workplace a new addition?
Get in touch with Builder Bee Projects to learn more.

(877) 808-0886

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